• Sattellite Imagery and Aerial Photo Interpretation along the Thanlwin (Salween) River, Shan State, eastern Myanmar (MDX Group Co., Thailand)
  • Environmental Geology and Environmental Resource Unit Analysis, Chaungtha Beach Resort, southwestern Rakhine Coast, Myanmar (Dept. of Higher Education)



  • Resource Geological Mapping of the Ta Sang Hydropower Project Site (MDX Group Co., Thailand)


  • Water Tightness Study of the proposed inundation area of the Ta Sang Reservoir (MDX Group Co., Thailand)



  • Preliminary Environmental Assessment (with Sustainability Pty Ltd.): Preliminary Baseline Study on the Existing Fauna of Modi Taung Gold Exploration Project, Yamethin District, Mandalay Division (Ivanhoe Myanmar Holding Ltd.)



  • Survey on Existing Fauna and Flora of the Yadana Gas Line Project Area (Total Myanmar E&P)



  • Baseline Data Collection for the Ta Sang Hydropower Project (fieldwork not yet performed) (MDX Group Co., Thailand)



  • Preliminary Study on Existing Fauna and Flora and Biodiversity Impact Assessment of the Monywa Copper Mine (Myanmar Ivanhoe Copper Company Ltd.)


  • Preliminary Site Survey on Hutgyi Reservoir, Karen State, southeastern Myanmar (Italian Thai Development Co. Ltd.)



  • Marine Environmental Baseline Survey for the Shwe and Mya North Gas Fields, Rakhine Offshore (Daewoo E&P)



  • Terrestrial Ecological Survey for the Onshore Midstream Facilities and Pipeline Landing, Rambye (Ramree) Island, western Myanmar (Daewoo E&P)
  • Marine Environmental Baseline Survey for the Offshore Midstream Gas Line (Daewoo E&P)
  • Forest, wild life and bird survey for the Onshore Midstream Pipeline, Tanintharyi Division, Myanmar (with Professional Engineering Technology Ltd., Thailand) (PTTEP)



  • Terrestrial Ecological Survey for the Supply Base and Jetty (Daewoo E&P)
  • Environmental Baseline Data Collection and Preliminary Impact Assessment for Myanmar China Gas Line (Myanmar Section) (with International Environmental Management Ltd., Thailand) (CNPC)



  • Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment for Mai Khok Coal-fire Power Plant (with TEAM Consultant, Thailand) (Italian Thai Power Co. Ltd.)
  • ESHIA for Myanmar-China Gas Pipeline Project (Myanmar Section) (with IEM Thailand Ltd.) (CNPC)
  • Seismic Hazard Assessment of Shweli-3 Hydropower Project (with Myanmar Geosciences Society) (Dept. of Hydropower Implementation, Myanmar)
  • Geological Hazard Assessment of Manipur and Yazagyo Dam Sites (with Myanmar Geosciences Society) (Dept. of Irrigation, Myanmar)
  • EIA of the Tanintharyi Hydropower Project (Italian Thai Development - Dept. Of Hydropower Implementation, Myanmar)
  • Preliminary Access Road Survey for CNPC Gas Line (with Kayah Phoo Co.Ltd.,)



  • EIA of the Yeywar-Shwesaryan Power Transmission Line – Ministry of No.2 Electric Power (with Gunkul Power Systems Ltd.)
  • EIA of the Baluchaung-Shwemyo Power Transmission Line – Ministry of No.2 Electric Power (with Gunkul Power Systems Ltd.)



  • EIA, Socioeconomic Assessment, habitat and landuse mapping of the Dawei Deep Sea Port and Industrial Developmet Project – Italian-Thai Development Co. Ltd. (with TEAM Consultant.)
  • Surface Geological Mapping and Accessibility Survey for PSC-G and EP-2 Onshore Oil Exploration Blocks, Central Myanmar (PTT Asia Ltd.)
  • ESHIA of 500MW Gas Turbine Project, Thaketa, Yangon (BKB Co. Ltd.)
  • Initial Environmental Examination of Modi Taung Gold Project, Yamethin, Central Myanmar (National Prosperity Co. Ltd.)
  • ESHIA Environmental Impact Assessment of Shweli River II Hydropower Project (Hydrolancang International Energy) (in progress)
  • ESHIA of 5MMTA Refinery and associated facilities (Guandong Zerong Energy)
  • Environmental Site Survey of Onshore Oil and Gas Seismic Survey (PTTSA)
  • ESHIA of 430MW Gas Combined Cycle Power Station Project in Hlaing Tharyar, Yangon, Myanmar. (Sumitomo Corp.)
  • Preparatory Survey for Upgrading Health Care Facilities (73 hospitals/clinics) in Magway Region, Central Myanmar (JICA, Nippon Koei Co.,Ltd)



  • Environmental & Social Information Collection Survey for Yangon Urban Area Development Programme (JICA, Nippon Koei)
  • ESHIA of Thaketa Gas Turbine Project (UREC)
  • ESHIA of Hlawga 500MW Combine Cycle Power Plant (Hydrolancang International Energy)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Thilawa Special Economic Zone (Nippon Koei Co.,Ltd)
  • Detail Measurement Survey and Social Assessment for Thilawa Special Economic Zone (Nippon Koei Co.,Ltd)
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) for Thilawa Special Economic Zone Infrastructure Developement (Nippon Koei Co.,Ltd)
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) for 500KV Powerline and Substations Development (JICA-Tokyo Electric Power Co.,Ltd)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Exploration Drilling & Seismic for M-12 Offshore Block (Petronas Carnagli - Chemsain Consultant)


  • ESIA of Modi Taung Gold Deposit (National Prosperity Gold Production Ltd.)
  • EIA for the 5,000 tons/yr Electrolytic Zinc Factory and associated facilities (Cornerstone Resoures Myanmar Ltd.)
  • EIA of Manaufacturing Plant of Raw Materials for Detergent in Ngwe Pinle Industrial Zone, Hlaing Thar Yar Township (Toyosu Paragon Ltd.)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Shoes Factory in Bago Industrial Zone, Myanmar (Taekwang Myanmar Co.,Ltd.)
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) for the Project of Manufacturing for Wire Harness in Shwe Lin Ban Industrial Zone (Denso Industrial Asia Co.,Ltd)
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) for the Project of Manufacturing of Shoes and Accessories, to be exported on CMP System at Hlaingtharyar (Shyang Jhuo Yue Co.,Ltd)
  • ESHIA of Tachileik Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant (10x2 - 20MW) and Associated Facilities in Tachileik Township (Min Khit Thit Mining Co.,Ltd)
  • Environmental and Social Survey for Environmental Impact Assessment Studies under the Porject for Electric Power Development in Thilawa Area (Nippon Koei Co.,Ltd)
  • Environmental Baseline Survey for environmental and social consideration for energy sector rehabitation program in Myanmar (Nippon Koei Co.,Ltd)
  • Survey for Preparation of Abbreviated Resettlement Plan for Feasibility study for the construction of new Thaketa and Bago River Bridge (Almec Ltd.)
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) for Transportation of cement and building materials (SCG)
  • Consulting Services for ESIA Preparation Works on CFB Coal Fired Power Plant Development Project in Myanmar (Sumitomo Corp.)
  • Pro 037C/0314/EIA Shwepyithar Soap Factory EIA (Shwe Ayeyar Nadi Co.,Ltd)
  • ESIA for Unique Float Project in Botahtaung Jetty (SCCP Services Co.,Ltd.)